Warn ProVantage Winch Review

Warn ProVantage Winch Review

If you’re a fan of getting out and about in the wilderness or taking our ATV out in the dirt and dust for a day of fun, you truly understand how powerful these devices can be. There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of riding one of the devices, but you also know how quickly something can go wrong when you’re dealing with so much power.

Just as important as choosing a quality ATV that you’ll ride, so too is the equipment that you take along with you. One of the most crucial pieces of equipment that anyone needs if they take their bikes, cars or other vehicles into unchartered territory is a quality winch, but it can be hard to find one that suits an ATV specifically.

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The Warn ProVantage range has been designed exactly for that, as the ideal accessory for your ATV or side by side. These winches are made to beat the toughest standards and help give you peace of mind when you’re out enjoying life, with enough power and force to get you out of any kind of sticky situation.

Owning a quality winch such as this one is something you shouldn’t have to second guess, and whether you’re a professional trade worker or weekend enthusiast, you’ll be glad you invested in something as high performance as the Warn ProVantage Winch.

This particular winch is great in swampy conditions and places where others might not go, so if you’re used to tackling tough terrains then it’s one you can trust.

About The Product

As a local Oregon brand, Warn is well known in the United States as one of the most reliable and respected names in four-wheel drive and ATV accessories. Here are a few features you can expect to find in this quality winch from Warn:

  • 55 feet long with 7/32 inch wire rope
  • Illuminated dash mount control with a specialized remote
  • Ergonomic clutch handle
  • Includes fairlead plate
  • Finished with anti-corrosion black paint

The Warn ProVantage Winch can carry 4500lbs of strength, and it’s specifically designed for those with an ATV or side by side. There’s no telling when you could have to rely on a powerful winch dealing with this vehicles, and they’re just as important for professional tradesman and consumers alike.

The Warn ProVantage Winch has been made to tackle swampy conditions and heavy loads, meaning all of your focus can be on the fun at hand. Their winches are made with the best materials and most careful craftsmanship so you never have to guess their dependability when you take them out on the road.

Using Warn ProVantage Winch

Warn makes all of their winches with their patented roller disc brake which is one of their top selling features, and you can expect to find it on this one too. 

If you’ve been searching for a specialized ATV winch that will perfectly suit your prized possession, this isn’t one you want to pass up. Installing the winch couldn’t be easier and it operates so smoothly that it’ll barely feel like you’re using it to pull at all.

What Others Say

There isn’t too much to say about this winch that’s negative, with countless positive reviews and happy customers all testifying just how strong this winch is. The only real issue was some people mentioned the warranty doesn’t cover the cord on this model, and so if there are any defects you’ll need to pay for replacement yourself.

Besides this small warranty issue, there are so many pleased customers when you read through the hundreds of online reviews. One of the best things about the Warn ProVantage is how versatile it is, working with different bikes and vehicles and never struggling with the weight.

Another great thing about this Warn ProVantage is how easy it operates, offering one of the quietest winching experiences you’ll ever get. Everything connects so quickly and easily, and the initial set up is extremely simple even for those who have little experience with mounting a winch to their car.

Buying Advice

When you’re ready to upgrade to a serious device that enhances the performance of your vehicle, you can get the Warn ProVantage for a great price through Amazon. With a current deal that gives you 18% off the original price, you’ll only pay around $550 for this winch.

Warn ProVantage offers a limited lifetime mechanical warranty on their winches and a three-year electrical warranty which is seriously impressive. As discussed earlier, though, the cord supplied isn’t covered by warranty so you’ll need to be careful with its use.

Warn have succeeded in making a truly great winch here and one that’s powerful enough to tackle anything you throw at it. To add this serious winch to your collection and give yourself peace of mind when you’re out on the road, click here to purchase the Warn ProVantage Winch today.
Warn ProVantage Winch

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Amazon not only offers such a great price on this winch but they’ll send it directly to your door, which saves you a lot on freight costs for such a bulky item. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll benefit even further with their express shipping option which means you can receive your Warn ProVantage Winch within just 48 hours so you can put it to work right away.

The Verdict

As far as ATV and side x side winches go, the Warn ProVantage is undoubtedly one of the best. This brand has a proven track record of making reliable and powerful winches that can help you and your vehicle out, enhancing the time you spend in the great outdoors.


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