Tekton Dual Gear Power Puller Review

Tekton Dual Gear Power Puller Review

Whether you work all day out on the farm, have a lot of jobs to do around your house, or like to get off road and rural when you drive, you understand the importance of having a helping hand or two around. Although a winch is capable of doing so much for us professionally and personally, they can be bulky and expensive to invest in.

There are no hard and fast rules that state you need to purchase a motorized winch these days just to get something quality, with one-handed manual pulling systems offering just as much power and capability. Finding one that’s genuine on quality, though, can be as tough as searching for a needle in a haystack.

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TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller Hook

The Tekton Power Puller is a ratcheted power pulley system that can do everything a powerful winch can do, and at a mere fraction of the cost. You’ll need to be prepared to put in a little more work with this one-handed device, but it will reward you with dependability and quality for many years to come.

No matter where you need to rely on the power of a winch the most, at home, work, or play, this is a great choice to go with.

Some might prefer to keep the Tekton Power Puller as their backup in case their motored winch fails, others prefer the strength on a manually operated device, and others will be seriously impressed by the price and not need to look anywhere else. Whatever your reason, you’ll be glad you went with the Tekton Power Puller.

About The Product

When you’re looking for strong, classic, and quality made tools, you can’t go past the Tekton brand. This customer favorite designs tools that cover a range of uses and their Power Puller is a ratcheted gear pulley system with a difference.

The Tekton Power Puller comes with all the features you need to vouch for its reliability. Here are some things you can expect to find when you invest in this man-made winch over the bulkier and more expensive types.

  • Uses dual gears and locking pawls to create an even pulling force
  • One-handed operation lets you work it with ease
  • 21” high leverage steel ratchet handle designed for comfort
  • 1/4 “ braided cable made from aircraft graded steel
  • An all-steel construction and anti-corrosion finish

For those who need the power of a winch but don’t have the money or space for a large motorized one, you can get just as much from this handheld device with just a little bit of effort.

TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller Handle

This impressive device has a maximum rated capacity of 8,000lbs which makes it just as tough as the winches you find on the market at 10 times the price. If you’ve been searching for something powerful to make those jobs a little easier, the Tekton Power Puller could be everything you’ve been looking for.

These Power Pullers are the ideal back up system to keep on hand or can be used as your main pulling system, and they have countless uses around the home, garden, and workplace. To get your very own Tekton Power Puller to see what it’s capable of, click here to purchase one today.

What Others Say

Some of the online reviews state that this didn’t pull as smoothly as they’d hoped for, and that probably has a lot to do with it being a hand operated device. For safety’s sake, it’s best to use this slowly and carefully just to keep yourself and the machinery protected, but other than that there was nothing but good things to say about its quality.

The best thing by far about the Tekton is the price, with many people claiming that they bought one just to have as a backup and have found it’s gotten them out of a tight space more than once. Even if you prefer to use a winch, you never know when they might fail, so this is a great little device to keep in the back of your truck or shed for an emergency.

Keep in mind that when you purchase this Power Puller from Tekton and not an actual winch, you’re somewhat limited in what you can do. It’s best for pulling things on a horizontal surface but not lifting, so have an idea of how you might want to use it before you decide on the purchase.

Buying Advice

For those who need a serious piece of pulling power and don’t want to spend a fortune getting it, you’ll be thrilled to know that the Tekton Power Puller is currently available through Amazon for a great price. You can get this four-ton puller for under $50 which is phenomenal value when you compared it to the motorized winches that do the same job.

Amazon will also cover the cost of freight for this handheld puller, and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime they’ll send it to your house in just two days. That means you can add it to the truck or shed or put it straight to use when it arrives, all at no extra cost to you.

TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

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The most amazing thing about the Power Puller is the warranty, with Tekton offering a lifetime replacement guarantee on this device. If anything goes wrong with your Power Puller, they will gladly replace it, so you never have to worry about purchasing another device again.

The Verdict

If you’re not a fan of the motorized winch craze and prefer something powerful and handheld, the Tekton Power Puller will be like a dream come true for you. This powerful little device can pull up to 8,000lbs which is exceptional strength for something so compact, and with such a low price tag there’s even more reason to invest.


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