Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch Review

Superwinch Tiger Shark Winch Review

The winch is one of those magical pieces of equipment that can have so many uses and get you out of a bind when you need it, and for those lucky enough it has a special place in our collection with our other tools and accessories.

The average winch is capable of doing so much more than pulling your car along or out of a spot, as these can help you collect firewood, stretch cable, or pull a fence tight and upright. Because they’re so multi-faceted, it’s no wonder that they can cost a fortune to buy which puts them out of the reach of many of us.

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Superwinch 1595200 Tiger Shark 9.5

Thankfully, one brand has come along and finally designed a winch that’s well within the average person’s budget but not with the low quality that you usually find in affordable equipment. This is a winch that you can put your complete faith in to help you out when you need it, and it’s not going to break the bank to get it.

The Superwinch Tiger Shark is a game changer in terms of cost and strength, capable of pulling just as much as those that cost hundreds more. If you’ve been wanting to invest in a quality winch and enjoy one of its many uses, the affordable answer you’ve been searching for has finally arrived with this consumer level device.

About The Product

Superwinch has always offered consumers affordable off-road accessories, so it’s no surprise to see that the Tiger Shark is exactly that. Here are just a few things you can expect from this game-changing off-road accessory:

  • Powerful 5.2 HP motor
  • Ergonomically designed free-spool control
  • Weather sealed motor casing and sealed solenoid
  • Heavy duty stainless steel roller fair head
  • Heavy duty remote with 12 feet rubber lead

They have over 40 years’ experience designing, testing, and creating some of the most powerful and reliable winches for the consumer, military, boating, and more, and what began as a project of the Ford Motor Company turned into something much bigger and greater.

The Tiger Shark is by far their biggest selling winch, giving a way for the average consumer and enthusiast to have a professional grade winch on hand without breaking their budget. This capable winch can pull up to 9,500lbs which makes it a serious contender and it’s been specifically designed to handle all weather conditions.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a great winch to suit your weekend endeavors, the Tiger Shark will be sure to tick all of your boxes. 

Superwinch 1595200 Tiger Shark 9.5 On Jeep

Winches need to be built tough to survive the outdoor and off-road abuse, and that’s exactly what you’ll get from the Tiger Shark. You shouldn’t be fooled by the cost of this winch when compared to others as it no way means it will come to the table with less power, and it’s truly worth the small investment.

The Superwinch Tiger Shark is a serious contender for the top consumer level winch on the market, and the best thing is you don’t need to spend a serious amount just to get it. To add this winch to your collection and see just how powerful and valuable it is, click here to purchase.

What Others Say

You’ll be seriously impressed by how smoothly and effectively this winch from Superwinch operates, and you won’t believe just how powerful it is when you consider the low cost.

Designed for the enthusiast and home user, don’t go expecting to put this to use in a professional setting, but for all others who need a quality and capable winch then you can’t go past it.

The only real complaint with the Tiger Shark comes from the remote, as it has a lead attached to it. Nowadays, it’s common for winches to have a wireless remote which makes it easier and safer to operate, however, this option is only available if you spend an additional $200 with Superwinch to get one.

After adding that price on, this is no longer a budget-friendly option so you’re better off sticking with the included remote if you want to stay low on costs.

Buying Advice

As one of the more affordable winches around, it’s crazy to know that Amazon can offer you an even lower price than anywhere else on the Tiger Shark.

They have a current $50 off coupon deal running which you can apply to this winch, bringing the total value down to just under $300. In terms of comparable winches this size and quality, you won’t even come close to spending that little.

Amazon will also throw in free postage when you buy through their marketplace so you can save yourself a bit extra in shipping costs. For those of you with an Amazon Prime account you probably already know you’ll benefit from free express shipping, so you can be enjoying your Tiger Shark in just two days.

Superwinch 1595200 Tiger Shark 9.5


If you are someone who wants the luxury of a wireless remote, Superwinch also sells their wireless remotes through Amazon and for a better price than you’ll find elsewhere. Be aware that these cost around $200 which can really shift the overall price of your winch, so you might want to invest in something more heavy duty.

The Tiger Shark Winch comes with a two-year limited warranty which is significantly less than some other brands that offer a lifetime mechanical warranty.

However, at around half the price of those devices, it’s does seem fair that they don’t have the same coverage. It’s up to the customer to weigh up which is more important to them then and there before making their decision.

The Verdict

As far as affordable winches go that still pack a lot of power, you can’t go past the Superwinch Tiger Shark for your top choice. This has been designed to make off-road and rural adventures that much more enjoyable, but it’s capable of doing so much more around the house and yard.


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